Everybody agrees that efficient, skillful and cooperative efforts of both employer and employees are essentials for the growth and profitability of any business operation. A satisfied employee, assured of a secure financial future of his family, tends to be more loyal to the organization and applies fully and devotedly to the work entrusted to him. This largely depends on the cultivation of sincere and cordial employer-employee relationship. East West Life helps the employer to achieve these above objectives. Our Group Insurance plans are especially tailored to the families of the employees with proper financial assistance in their hour of need, making them happier and content. Employers concern and interest is amply demonstrated by insisting on an insurance scheme for the welfare of the employees and their families.


Compulsory Group Insurance
According to Section 10(B) of the Standing Orders Ordinance of 1968 the provision of Group Insurance is mandatory for the Employers in respect of their workmen, provided that the minimum number of employees in an industrial establishment is 50 and that of in a commercial establishment is 20. The amount of compensation payable under the law is given in Schedule IV (currently Rs. 2,00,000) of the Workmen Compensation Act in respect of contingencies such as death and permanent disablement caused by accidental means. Moreover, there is no bar in providing higher benefits than that given in Schedule IV.


Benefits of Group Insurance
  • To Employers
    • It meets the statutory obligations;
    • It raises the morale of workmen/employees;
    • It reduces turnover of the employees/workers;
    • It improves the productivity and efficiency of the organization
    • The cost of providing Group Insurance is a deductible expense and to that extent it reduces tax liability:
  • To Employees
It fulfills the social and economic needs of the workers/employees and it provides their families an excellent monetary compensation in the case of death or disability of the breadwinner.


How can you effect Group Insurance?
East West Life will need an application on the prescribed form and a list of all permanent workmen / employees along with their ages, salaries, occupations and dates of appointment. It will then compute the premium and will inform the Applicant. The Insurance Company will also inform the Applicant if there are any medical requirements. As soon as the underwriting requirement(s) has been completed and the premium is accepted, the Insurance Company will go on risk.


The company will underwrite Group Insurance Schemes where all members of the Group volunteer for insurance.


The minimum number of eligible persons for Group Insurance should not be less than 10.


We have a separate division for management of group life insurance. This division is managed by some of the most experienced professionals in this business. Here are some major highlights of our Group Life Insurance Scheme:
  • The scheme is designed to provide statutory cover to the workmen and customized cover to the officers of the establishment at competitive rates.
  • Free sum assured, i.e. Sum Assured without medical examination is allowed quite generously.
  • Our claim settlement procedure is very prompt and polite (within 72 hours in most cases).

The following benefits are covered within the basic Group Life Insurance policy:


Death Benefit


Accidental Temporary and Permanent Disability (TPD)


Further details, complete list of injuries and percentage of compensation is detailed in the policy document.


These benefits can be further enhanced with many attractive riders, which include:


Profit Sharing Rider
Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) Rider
Terminal Illness Rider
Natural Disability Benefit Rider
Post Retirement Benefit Rider
Widows Pension Rider


Our policy can be customized in any manner as desired by our prospective client.
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